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    If you are having a problem with your mattress or foundation, please call our Service Manager at 541-753-4851.     Although one of our staff members may have already discussed the service process with you, please take a minute to review the manufacturer’s warranty service procedure, so the process is as convenient as possible for you. The specific inspection procedures  may vary depending on manufacturer, the type of problem, and the length of time you have had the mattress, but normally can be completed by just filing out and returning the attached Service Information Form.

     [Print a copy of the Mattress Warranty Inspection Form]

   To provide the manufacturer’s customer service department with the necessary information to understand the specifics of your problem, and whether it is covered by warranty, we ask that you fully complete the Service Information Form and return it to us. To be sure that you are providing the proper information, please read the appropriate instruction sections on the form. Also, if it is a two sided mattress, please check both sides of the mattress  for soiling or staining and be sure that any stains have been removed since any visible staining may VOID the manufacturer’s warranty for health safety reasons, and you may be responsible for the full cost of the replacement bedding you receive.

   Normally, this form will provide all the information needed to process your warranty request, but for unusual problems, the manufacturer may want our service staff, or their representative, to do an in-home pre-inspection to determine what service is needed.   If an inspection is needed, the manufacturer’s representative or our service manager will call you to set an appointment time.   Based on the information you provide, the manufacturer’s representative will make a preliminary decision on whether the problem is a manufacturing or material defect that is covered by warranty, or a normal wearing out of the mattress due to use, which is not covered by manufacturer's warranty.   

   Once the manufacturer’s warranty service representative has determined the nature of the problem and whether a repair or an exchange is required, we will contact you with specific information about the procedure, what current model your unit might be exchanged for, and how much prorated warranty use charge, if any, will apply.

    If the manufacturer determines that the unit should be exchanged, they will select the current model closest in construction, firmness and quality to your model.   Unfortunately, due to model and cover changes, it usually will not match the cover of your old set.   If the defect is in the mattress, they will usually exchange only the mattress.   We will often have a sample of the proposed exchange mattress, which you should come in and lay on to, confirm that it is right for you.  If you would like to change to a different firmness we may be able to apply the credit to a different unit if you select one prior to the exchange.   When you approve the exchange and any use charge, the manufacturer will then ship us a replacement unit in about two weeks, which we will deliver and exchange for you.  There is a $49 freight and delivery charge on units over two years old, which we will collect at the time of the exchange delivery, in addition to any prorated use charges.

   At the time of exchange, the mattress manufacturer will also re-inspect the unit and confirm that the measurements of any defect conform to the information on which the exchange was approved and that there is no visible soiling on the unit.    If w are not able to confirm the condition or measurements, we may need to cancel the exchange until we are able to contact the manufacture’s representative for further instructions.

    If repair of the unit is required instead, our Service Department will complete it and bill the manufacturer for the labor charge if the unit is under warranty, or pick it up for return for manufacturer service. If the service will require overnight repair in our Service Department, and you need another mattress or foundation to sleep on, we can provide a rental mattress, if you request it in advance.

    If you have any questions regarding the status of your service request, or would like additional information on options, please call our Service Manager at 541-753-4851.