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     Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Guide -  For information on removing stains and soiling from fabrics.

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Call our Service Manager at 753-4851 for service on your purchase or for a free estimate on other product service needs.

Email our Service Manager  regarding a service issue.


Standard service charges for NON warranty service              07-01-2018

Most manufacturer warranties apply only to manufacturing or material defects during normal residential use and do not include damage caused by misuse or normal wear and appearance changes that occur with all furniture products.

In home service or Transportation charges - (After 1 year from date of delivery) 

Pick Up and redelivery

ery for in store or manufacturer service  in local delivery areas                          $99        Pickup and redelivery outside of our local delivery area (up to 100 miles from store)                       $150 min.

In-Home Service, inspection and estimate, or bedding service exchanges after the 1st year (local)   $59       In-Home Service, inspection and estimate, or bedding service (outside of local area up to 100 mi.)   $99     Plus $30 per hour for service labor after the first half hour.

Vendor Service Center round trip freight charges (In addition to the local pick up and return charge)             

Flexsteel $125 U                                                                                                           Sunset Home Upholstery $50

La-Z-Boy  $400

For vendor service charges for other vendors, please contact our service manager.

Repair Services and Parts -

Bedframe Parts-    Nylon inserts $2.50,     Standard bedframe casters$4.00,                                                 Rug Roller  casters $5.00                       Cross arm clips $3.00

Upholstered Furniture Services -

 Adding 2 wheel nylon casters to an item          $24.00 for a set of 4 casters, installed

 Additional cushioning materials to make cushions firmer or fuller-  (  prices are per cushion up to 4' long, installed )

Extra 1/2" Dacron wrap for seat cushions  $25 for non-buttoned cushions, $30 for buttoned cushions.             Polyurethane foam inserts for seat cushions $25 for non-buttoned cushions, $30 for buttoned cushions.           3" foam inserts for zippered back cushions $30, per cushion.                               3" foam inserts for non-zippered back cushions $40+, per cushion

Increasing firmness of the spring deck on an upholstered item by a adding rear mid support rail to limit spring motion range-  $99 (where possible),  Front and rear firmness increase (where possible) $149

No sag sinuous wire seat spring replacement - $40 for the first spring, $25 for each additional spring

Recliner Services -

Replace up to 2 worn or broken rivets , (when possible) with high strength bolts $79;   Mechanism replacement ( both sides, labor only, parts usually are free ) $99               Lubrication of mechanism (free with other shop work)  $9

Replacement Parts (parts only, uninstalled) -

Lift recliner controller wands,  $45         Lift recliner power transformers $45,                                                Lift recliner motor & drive units, $239    Massage chair controller wand, $39,  Massage chair  transformers $29,  massage chair vibrator motors, $24     Swivel bases - Flat 8" x 8" ball bearing swivels, $19.95 if taken, $24 installed;  Chair swivel base with legs, $49.95, $54 installed          Platform rocker spring units for rocking recliners, $12.95 per side taken, 16.95 installed. 

Wooden Furniture repairs -

   For damage that is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty you may want to get an estimate from a private furniture repair person.  Check the classified services section of the newspaper or phonebook.    We can also provide repair services at our normal hourly labor rate of $40 per hour including general materials.   Gluing and filling broken items typically costs $25 to $75 plus transportation charges, if needed, but our service manager can give you a more accurate estimate.    Please call us at 541-753-4851.

Replacement lamp sockets - 3 way lamp sockets installed  $14.95

Clock service - After the 1 year warranty period, includes in home service for floor clocks, inspection and adjustment labor. $79

All other non-warranty repair or modification labor is $40 per hour plus any  major parts required.           Bring in your damaged item or call our service Manager for a free estimate at 753-4851