Electrically operated recliners and lift chairs typically receive heavier and more frequent use than other chairs and require careful selection and proper maintenance for maximum satisfaction.    Please read these important reminders and the instructions and guarantee card that came with your chair, and then put them with your other documents in case you have a service problem.


Selection of a proper style for user comfort is important because motion chairs are often used for long periods of the day.  If it is not possible for the person who will be using the chair to try different models prior to purchase, it is helpful if someone of the same general height and build can compare different styles.   Soft fiber filled back and seat cushions tend to be more comfortable initially, but the fiberfill will crush down with use and needs to be fluffed up regularly.    Thought should also be given to fabric color and cleanability issues if there may be eating or drinking in the chair.   If the reclining chair will be used for long periods of sitting, we recommend that you also get one or two small bolster pillows that can be moved around to vary the support, particularly for the lower back area.

To get the longest life from any recliner or motion furniture, it is important that you follow these instructions.


Electric recliner and motion furniture mechanisms are complex metal linkages which are engineered to provide a reasonable period of use when operated properly by individuals of average weight (250 lb. max), and given periodic lubrication.


·      The mechanism controller board is a digital device and should be plugged into an electrical surge protector or Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) to prevent voltage spikes from damaging the control electronics. Voltage spike damage is not covered under manufacturer warranties.

·      Don’t over strain the motors and mechanism. They are designed to move the chair with your body, and to then hold your position.  Move your legs and body to reduce the weight on the drive mechanism. It is healthier for you and will extend the life of your chair.

·     If anything blocks or resists the smooth, easy movement of the recliner, such as children’s toys, balls, power cords, walker legs or parts of the mechanism, etc. STOP, turn the chair on its back,  and remove the items. Continued use of the chair with obstructions will damage the motor drive and mechanism, and are often not covered by warranty.

·      Always operate the mechanism smoothly with your weight balanced in the chair and centered, between the arms, so equal force is applied to both sides of the mechanism.

·      Never put excessive weight on the back or footrest sections. Do not allow children to sit on the footrest, arms,  or back, and be careful not to slide too far back onto the back section when reclined. Excess weight on the back can bend the back linkages and could cause the chair to tip over. Individuals over 200 pounds should be particularly careful.

·      Lubricate the linkage pivot points once a year to reduce metal-on-metal wear. You should lubricate each pivot point on the linkages once a year, with one drop of 20-30 wt. Oil. This can easily be done by turning the chair over on its back with the footrest up. Care should be taken to prevent over oiling, which may cause excess oil to drip on your floor.

·      Prevent premature fabric wear on the footrest by not resting your feet against the top edge of the footrest. Pressing the fabric against the hard top edge of the footrest frame will cause rapid crushing and cutting of the fabric. The footrest is intended to support the back of the lower legs.    Any unusual fabric wear should be immediately reported to the store’s service department since further damage can often be stopped, but may not be repairable if allowed to get worse, and is not normally covered by warranty.


Troubleshooting Operation Problems:

If the recliner will not operate -  First check that the transformer unit is plugged into a live outlet and that the plug connections are tight between the transformer unit and the motor controller, and between the hand wand and motor.   Also, tip the chair over on its front and check that none of the hand wand or motor control wires have been cut by the mechanism, and that nothing has been caught between parts of the mechanism.  The motor and electronics work on 24 volts DC, so if you have a voltage test meter you can check the transformer for proper output voltage, or bring the transformer to us and we will test it at no charge.  If the controller has an indicator  LED light, check that it is on.


Excessive or unusual noise - Because of the significant forces needed to operate the reclining mechanism, some noise is normal, particularly for lift chairs.   If there is a significant change in the level or type of noise when operating, the mechanism may need lubrication.   The pivot points in the metal mechanism linkages should be given 1 drop of 30-weight oil annually.   The white plastic drive unit normal slides smoothly on the aluminum drive shaft.   If it is squeaking, a thin coat of white lithium grease applied to the grooves in the recessed tracks on both sides, and to the front and back contact surfaces will usually reduce the squeak.  The worm gear can also be oiled with a drop or two of 30-weight oil applied through the open side of the drive bar extrusion.    


Most recliner manufacturers warranty the black metal reclining mechanism parts for the reasonable, life of the chair against manufacturing or material defects (but not damage from improper use or normal wear) and have a 1-year warranty on labor, excluding transportation.   Manufactures place different warranty periods on the electrical components varying from 1 to 5 years.   See the manufacturer’s warranty card for full details.  After the warranty period, replacement transformers or controller wands normally cost about $70, and replacement motor drives cost about $160.  After our 1-month labor warranty, our service department can still provide service or adjustments on a charge basis.   Call us for a free estimate or with any questions.


IMPORTANT!   If being able to operate the chair during periods of electrical outages is important to you If the transformer unit has connections for batteries, and many do not, connect two 9-volt batteries.  This will allow you to get the chair back to the normal position once.   If the transformer unit that plugs into the wall does not have connections for a battery, you should purchase a battery pack or an  Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS).    UPS systems are available from Office Depot, Staples,, and other electronics dealers.  They typically cost around $75 for smaller units, and will power several  operations of the chair, and recharge automatically.  They also provide voltage surge protection to reduce damage to the controller.  


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