The most common cause of non-warranty recliner problems is bending of the mechanism linkages or premature wear of the steel rivets. Because this damage results from use, rather than manufacturing defect, it is not normally covered under a manufacturers’ warranty, but it can be prevented.


Recliner and incliner mechanisms are complex metal linkages which are engineered to provide a reasonable period of use when operated properly by individuals of average weight (225 lb. max), and given periodic lubrication. To get the longest life from any recliner or incliner it is important that you follow these instructions.


  1. Always operate the mechanism smoothly with your weight balanced in the chair and centered, between the arms, so equal force is applied to both sides of the mechanism. It is particularly important that your feet are centered on the footrest when it is pushed closed or the legrest linkages can twist and bind, resulting in loose or uneven footrest operation, and possible premature failure.


  1. Never put excessive weight on the back or footrest sections. Don’t allow children to sit on the footrest or back, and be careful not to slide too far back onto the back section when reclined. Excess weight on the back can bend the back linkages and could cause the chair to tip over. Individuals over 200 pounds should be particularly careful.


  1. Don’t force the mechanism. Most mechanisms operate smoothly and easily by shifting the body’s center of gravity, but some mechanisms require a change of handle position or a certain series of movements for the mechanisms to operate properly. If you have any questions regarding proper operation, please call your sales advisor. If the operation of the mechanism later becomes uneven or difficult, please call the store’s service department immediately, because minor damage may be correctable, but continued use may damage the mechanism beyond repair.


  1. Lubricate the linkage pivot points once a year to reduce metal-on-metal wear. You should lubricate each pivot point on the linkages once a year, with one drop of 20-30 wt. Oil. This can easily be done by turning the chair over. Care should be taken to prevent over oiling, which may cause excess oil to drip on your floor.


With proper use and care your new recliner should provide many years of good service.


  1. Don’t overstress the rocker springs on rocker recliners. Rocking too far forward or backward will result in overstretching of the rocker springs causing metal fatigue and early failure. Rocker spring components are not part of the recliner “mechanism” and usually only have a 1 year warranty.


  1. Prevent premature fabric wear on the footrest by not resting your feet against the top edge of the footrest. Pressing the fabric against the hard top edge, or outside edges of the footrest frame will cause rapid crushing and cutting of the fabric. Any unusual fabric wear should be immediately reported to the store’s service department since further damage can often be prevented, but may not be repairable if allowed to get worse.


Most recliner manufacturers warranty their metal reclining mechanism parts for life and have a 1 year warranty on labor. After the 1 year labor warranty our service department or another dealer may be able provide service or adjustment on a charge basis. Call us for a free estimate.


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