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Purchase Financing Information, Terms and Disclosures

General information on our GE Capital Financing Programs

To help you finance your purchase at the lowest possible cost, we offer convenient revolving charge accounts through GE Capital Retail Bank, a Federal Savings bank. As one of the largest national providers of retail financing, GE Capital's programs allow us to offer you higher credit limits and special long-term or reduced interest options.

Please read and make sure you understand all the terms of the charge agreement you received. The account terms are written in plain language but if you have any questions please call us. Also carefully read your monthly statements to make sure you are making at least the minimum required payment each month.

To help you understand your charge account and insure that it functions smoothly, please read your financing agreement and take a moment to review these important reminders:

SAME-AS-CASH NO INTEREST OPTION: If a same-as-cash or no interest option is marked on your Revolving Charge Sales Invoice agreement, you may avoid all interest charges. If you pay the full original “amount financed” prior to the end of the “Same as Cash” option period and have also made the minimum monthly payments required, the interest that has accrued on your sale will be credited off. The option period is the number of monthly cycles from the date of delivery or availability for delivery. If you later decide not to pay the full amount before the end of the option period, the account automatically reverts to a standard account, and normal monthly interest is charged on your outstanding balance from the date of delivery, like other credit card accounts. You must however make at least the minimum monthly payment to avoid additional finance charges and penalty fees. Since your monthly statement will list only the required minimum monthly payment as due, please remember to write down the same-as-cash expiration date and pay the full amount financed before this date. Note that the expiration date of the promotional period of a special credit plan is not necessarily the same date as a payment Due Date for your account.

If you have any questions regarding your account balance, and payments made, or if you wish to request a modification to your agreement, please see the GE Capital Retail Bank contact information on your credit application form, or call our office for assistance.   To make sure your payments are properly credited, we can not accept any customer payments at Blackledge Furniture.

If the amount of your contract is incorrect, or you have not been credited for any returned items, or if you have been billed for items which are not yet available for delivery, please call our Office Manager at 541-753-4851, so that we may correct your account.