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Selecting custom order upholstery items

 Always take some time before ordering custom upholstery to check out samples and confirm the best color and pattern before placing your order.  To help you get the maximum benefit from having the sample in your home, we would like to suggest some important things to check and consider.


You are probably most concerned about checking the color.  Remember to check the colors in both natural daylight and the type(s) of artificial light you will be using in the room.  The spectrum distribution of the light source can dramatically change the appearance of some colors.  Also, try different lighting intensities, since some items, particularly with higher sheen fibers, will visually “wash out” in brighter light.  With velvets and other “pile” fabrics or carpets, remember to rotate the sample and view it from all light angles, because it will lighten and darken noticeably depending on the direction of the pile.  For long-term satisfaction, also consider the amount of exposure to daylight the item will receive, since all fabric, carpet and leather colors will fade with exposure to the UV radiation in daylight.  White or very light colors will show the least fading change.


Don’t forget to honestly evaluate your need for durability, particularly in a “family room” or any room with a television.  Among the best fabric choices for durability are nubby textured tweeds, tightly woven fabrics, and finished leathers.  Heavy grade corduroys and velvets also wear well, but may show crushing or characteristic “shading.”  High strength fibers such as nylon or olefin also increase wearability.  Price in itself is not a definite indication of wearability, as some expensive “decorator fabrics” are woven more for appearance than for wear.  Loosely woven patterned or textured fabrics often wear unevenly, and tend to pull apart more easily at seams.


Please check and confirm that the size of the piece is appropriate for the room.  You can check simple measurements with a tape or yardstick, but to get a better idea how pieces of a group will fit the room, we suggest you take sheets of newspaper and connect or fold them to the size of the pieces you are considering.  This way, you can easily visualize the size of the pieces, and even walk around them, or try different arrangements.


Also, remember to consider related items you may want to order at the same time, such as -

·         StainSafe fabric protection to protect light color fabrics from stains.

·         Arm covers or extra fabric yardage to protect against wear and soiling or the arms.

·         Extra accent pillows for different seasonal color changes, or to provide extra back support and comfort, particularly for shorter individuals.


 We have custom order fabric samples available for most of our upholstery lines which you may check out for up to 2 days.  Please remember to return any samples you check out as soon as possible, so others may use them.  Samples should be returned within two days if possible.  If you do not return them yourself, please ask the person returning them for you, to indicate who they are from, and who your sales advisor is, so that we can accurately check them in.