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Furniture Safety

We always want to make sure that you are happy with your furniture purchases.   An important part of that long-term satisfaction is the safety and proper maintenance of your furniture, and we can't assure that without your involvement.   Please take a minute to read these safety reminders about the proper installation and safe use of your  furniture.

Furniture Tip Over Prevention.

Tall furniture pieces, such as bookcases, dressers, chests and accent pieces can be pulled over by children climbing on them.   This is particularly true of items with wide doors or drawers that can be loaded with heavy items that change the item's center of gravity when pulled out.   Hundreds of children are injured, or even killed  each year as a result of tip-over accidents that could be prevented with proper attachment of these items to a wall that they are normally placed against.   

Manufacturers of taller storage furniture are required to provide wall attachment straps and instructions for attaching them, that you will usually find in the top drawer or on the rear of the piece.    Although we try to double check that all pieces we sell have a safety strap attached, if you have a piece that does not have a wall strap kit, please come in to the store to pick one up, or call us to request that we mail you one.   We encourage you to get more information about tip-over hazards from furniture and televisions from the CPSC  site at .

It is your responsibility to attach the safety strap to the piece and wall, and to reattach it if you move the piece.    We are prevented from attaching items to your walls or structure because of state building contractor codes, and insurance requirements, so please do your part in keeping children safe.

New ASTM testing standards are continuing to evolve for storage pieces over 27" high, and manufacturers are redesigning taller pieces to have rear counter weights or shorter drawer extensions to reduce the potential for tip-over.  However, it is still up to you  to help protect your family with proper wall attachment.

Upholstery and Mattress Flammability

Upholstered furniture and mattresses are constructed of wood, foam, and fabric materials which can burn if exposed to a strong enough ignition source.  Be careful not to place upholstery or beds near potential ignition sources such as portable heaters, baseboard heating units, fireplaces, candles, or any lighted  smoking materials.    Do not smoke in bed, or in an upholstered piece if you might leave, or fall asleep.    Furniture manufacturers working with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission and State Fire Marshalls have developed construction standards and testing procedures to prevent most furniture fires.  If ignited by burning cigarettes, or other low flame sources the covering materials will normally char or smolder, and normally self extinguish because of barrier materials that prevent the fire from igniting the inner materials.    Current federal and state flammability standards also prohibit the use of fire retardant chemicals which give off toxic gasses when burned, or are otherwise hazardous. For more information see .