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Product Selection,  Maintenance, and Warranty Guide    

 Thank you for selecting your new furnishings from Blackledge Furniture.

     As the area’s oldest and largest home furnishings center, we believe that assuring our customers of service and satisfaction is an important part of our business.   We constantly strive to select merchandise and materials, which will give you the best value and most satisfactory service for their price level and construction.   As with other products, quality and durability usually vary with price, but the information in this booklet can lengthen the life of merchandise from any price range. 

     This information is presented to help you obtain the best and longest service from your home furnishings investment.   Please Read and Save this guide for future reference, along with the manufacturer’s warranty information and sales receipts for the items you have purchased.   Many products, including most recliners and motion upholstery are labeled with a production or serial number.   Please do NOT remove these identification numbers, because we cannot process warranty parts or service requests without them.


    In-stock items which for any reason appear unsuitable after delivery may be returned for full credit if we are notified within 2 days, and you return the items in the same condition in which they were received.   Or, we can have our truck pick up the items for just the regular transportation charge.   There is just a 20% restocking charge on returned or cancelled custom order items.     Custom sized or modified items are generally not returnable.   Our store warranties are in addition to each manufacturer’s product warranty, and provide secondary service coverage.   Our warranty, and all manufacturers’ warranties, cover only engineering, material or manufacturing defects, rather than normal wearing or aging of the product resulting from use.   All items, unless specified for commercial or rental use, are engineered and warranted for normal residential use only.   Upholstered and bedding items, which receive more than normal use, or use by individuals over 250 pounds, will have shorter useful lives, and are not warranted against damage resulting from use or stress.   We specifically do not recommend or warranty most reclining furniture for people over 300 pounds.


     As a consumer you can choose furniture upholstered in thousands of fabrics made from many natural or synthetics fibers.   The “best” fabric depends on the use which an item will receive.   A heavily used “family room” or “TV chair” usually is best in a long wearing, practical fabric.   A less heavily used, more decorative, living room chair may give greater overall satisfaction in a more beautiful, but less durable fabric.

            Wear: Among the best fabric choices for durability are, tightly woven friezes, and leather.   Heavy grade corduroys and velvets also wear well, but may show crushing or characteristic “shading”.   This shading, or light and dark areas of velvet, results from differing levels of light reflection depending on the direction the velvet pile is facing.   On new velvet pieces the pile is very uniform and shading is usually visible where panels of fabric curve around the piece, or when one cushion is reversed.   When the piece is first used some areas of pile will be bent and set in different directions, causing light or dark areas or marks to appear.   Although these areas can be steamed and brushed back in the direction of the surrounding pile, it is better to just continue to use the piece until the pile crush is randomized into a normal velvet “patina”.    High strength fibers such as nylon or polyester also increase wearability.

     Price in itself is not a good indication of wearability as many expensive “decorator fabrics” are woven more for appearance than for wear.   Loosely woven patterned or textured fabrics usually wear unevenly, and tend to pull apart more easily at seams.   Your sales person can usually assist you in comparing the relative wearability of different fabrics, but you must decide how durable a fabric you should purchase.   Welted seams, which are important to the attractiveness of many styles, will also wear more rapidly at contact points, and should be selected with caution for heavily, used pieces.

             Fading: Almost all fabrics will fade to some extent and should be protected from sunlight and chemicals.   Print fabrics may lighten due to wear as well as fading.   Green, blue and red dyes are more sensitive to sun fading.   Natural looking, non-finished, aniline leathers will also fade significantly when exposed to daylight.

             Shifting: Shifting of welting or seam lines on cushions is normal, and can be corrected by opening, but not removing, the zippered cover, and pulling the fabric back into alignment from both the inside and outside.   Reversing cushions regularly helps reduce shifting.   The polyester fiber wrap that is used on most cushions, will also shift with use and may fold over or bunch up at the front of the cushion.   This can be corrected by opening the cushion and pulling the fiber layer back into place as needed. 

              Stain Resistance: Most upholstery fabrics can now be protected with optional stain and damage warranties, and performance fabrics have high natural stain resistance.   Even treated or resistant fabrics, however, are susceptible to certain stains, dyes, bleaches, and acids.   Spills should be immediately removed from all fabrics.   Stain repellent finishes are not permanent and will gradually wear off.

              Stain Removal: Water based stains should be blotted with a clean, damp (but not wet) cloth.   Mild detergent solutions or foam upholstery cleaners may help.   Always pretest for bleeding and shrinkage on a hidden area and don’t use water on rayon or natural fabrics.   For larger or more resistant stains, consult a professional upholstery cleaner.

              Regular Care: Upholstery should be kept clean with regular vacuuming and light brushing.   Never use a stiff fiber or metal brush.   If cushions are reversible, reverse them regularly when cleaning.   Cushion covers should not be removed and should never be washed or dry-cleaned.

              Vinyl Fabrics: Plastics require special treatment.   Although durable and stain resistant, vinyl fabrics can be damaged by contact with oils or solvents.   Oils, including body oil, should be removed regularly by washing with a preservative vinyl cleaner.   If oils remain on vinyl, it will harden and eventually crack.   Solvents such as nail polish, paint thinners, tar, etc. may also dissolve or permanently stain vinyl.   We cannot guarantee vinyl plastics against damage caused by oils, solvents, or heat.   Light colored vinyl, with printed grain textures will eventually lighten in heavy wear areas as the printed overlay wears down.   Polyurethane fabrics are more resistant to oils, but are intentionally softer and thus more subject to cuts and abrasions.

              Leather: Upholstery leathers should be cleaned only with a damp cloth and a mild soap or upholstery grade leather cleaner.   Non-finish coated leathers can stain easily and will fade with light exposure.   Leather conditioners can be used to replenish the oils and maintain the appearance of “pull up” or waxed leathers.   We do not recommend waxed or over-printed leathers, or warranty their performance.

Upholstered Furniture Warranty

              Upholstered Frames: In addition to manufacturer warranties,  Blackledge Furniture guarantees frame and spring construction against material or manufacturing defects for 1 month from date of delivery.   Upholstery arms, backs and other non-seating surfaces are not engineered to withstand heavy pressure and sitting on them may break down the inner lining boards or damage the frame, causing noise or appearance problems.   Some minor “spring or material noise” is normal in most upholstered furniture, but frequent or loud noises can usually be corrected.

              Upholstery Fabrics: Any visible damage problems such as cuts, soiling or abrasion will be corrected if reported within 7 days after delivery.   Because of the wide variations in fabric durability and conditions of customer use, fabrics cannot be guaranteed against wear, fading, staining, soiling, or shrinkage by the manufacturers or by Blackledge Furniture.   Cases of unusually rapid wear or other upholstery defects will usually be considered by many manufactures up to 1 year from date of purchase, depending upon the quality of the fabric and the use and care it has received.

              Seam Splitting: Seam separation or fabric pull apart may occur with some fabrics, and must be reported immediately since this kind of damage can usually be stopped, but can’t be repaired.   Continued use of split seam items without correction voids any warranty against further damage.

              Cushions: Foam cushion cores are selected by the manufacturer to provide a balance between long life and initial comfort level.   Cushion cores will compress with use and may eventually lose their shape and fullness.   This compacting can be corrected by the addition of an extra foam or polyester fiber wrap.   Cushion cores are generally guaranteed by the manufacturer against abnormal loss of firmness  for 1 year or longer.   After the warranty period, we can provide additional foam or polyester filler for the cost of materials and labor.

              Rocker Bases and Springs: Swivel rocker bases and platform rocker springs are warranted by the component manufacturers.   A warranty card and replacement parts order information are usually attached to the swivel base.

              Recliner Frames and Mechanism:   Improper operation, including forcing, or off center use of the mechanism, can result in bending and permanent damage which is not covered by warranty.   Resting feet against the top edge of the footrest, or in the suspended area of a chaise pad, will cause rapid fabric wear or tearing, which is not covered by warranty.   Because of their complex construction, all reclining pieces will normally have some noise and mechanism looseness.   The life of recliner mechanisms can be noticeably lengthened by periodic lubrication of the steel rivets, which will loosen or wear through if not lubricated.    Motion furniture frames, mechanisms,  electronics, including motors, cords and control switches are warranted by manufacturers for various periods and by Blackledge Furniture for 1 month from date of delivery.    To obtain parts or service on motion furniture manufacturers require the product serial number or manufacturing information attached to the item, so do not remove these labels, or retain them with your purchase information in case they are needed.      We also recommend purchase of third party Total Protection warranty coverage on items with electronic or motion components, to provide longer coverage.


     Periodic dusting with a soft cloth, in the direction of the grain, will keep your wood furniture looking beautiful for many years.   If a polished look is desired, use a good brand of furniture polish or wax.   Avoid polishes containing silicone, which may damage the wood surface and reduce its lasting beauty.   Although most wood furniture is now protected by synthetic finishes, which resist water and alcohol damage, spills should be removed as soon as possible. Oil finish pieces should be periodically re-oiled with a polyurethane oil, such as Watco, and fully rubbed off.

     Furniture finishes can soften and be damaged by contact with solvents such as nail polish remover or strong cleaners such as “spray and wash” or dishwashing detergents.   Vinyl plastic materials should never be placed in contact with finished wood surfaces because softening and imprinting may occur.   Plastic or rubber feet on televisions, computer monitors and other items may discolor wood finishes and should be covered to prevent direct contact.

     Because of its natural characteristics, slight swelling or warping may occur in wood components with changes in humidity.   Wooden table leaves for example, should be stored under conditions similar to the table to prevent warping.   Solid wood tops may expand and contract, particularly at right angles to the wood grains.   Stain or paint finishes can fade, and prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided.   Water will penetrate even finished wood surfaces and may cause whitening or separation of the finish and swelling or blistering of the wood surface.    Plastic laminate tops on tables and other items should be cleaned with a mild detergent solution.   Abrasives, or polishes may change the surface texture or make it uneven.   Sharp or abrasive items can scratch even the toughest laminates.     Dining chairs are designed to be used with all four legs on the floor.   Leaning back in chairs may result in joint failure or weakness.   Breakage from excessive stress or misuse is not covered under warranty.


     For maximum life, two-sided mattresses should be turned over and end-to-end every three months to freshen the sleeping surface.   Never bend, fold, or stand an innerspring mattress on edge, since permanent damage may occur.   Don’t move a large mattress by its handles, as they may pull out, and are not warranted.

     A slight surface depression will usually occur in the area of the mattress where a person regularly lies, particularly with a “pillow top” or floating coil mattress, with a thick fiber top layer.   King size mattresses with dual box springs will normally develop comfort impressions in the middle of both halves, and a slight ridge down the center where the stiffer edge supports of both box springs come together.   These “comfort impressions” result from the fiber layers conforming to the shape of your body, just as a pillow does.   The thicker and more comfortable the cushioning layer is, the more noticeable the comfort impressions will be.   Unless there is also a significant loss of firmness in the spring assembly, a comfort impression is normal and will not affect the mattress’ comfort or performance.   A mattress should always be used with a firm, flat, foundation of similar quality and age.   The firmer a mattress is to begin with, the longer it will stay firm.       Solvents or cleaning fluid should not be used in cleaning mattresses as they may harden or dissolve the foam cushioning.   A damp cloth or foam upholstery cleaner may be used for cleaning, but mattresses or box springs should not be soaked.

 Mattresses and foundations are guaranteed against manufacturing defects by their manufacturers for varying periods, depending upon their quality.   Check the mattress label or ask your sales person for specific warranty information.   Minor “body impressions” up to 1 ½” on softer top mattresses are normal and are usually not covered by manufacturer warranties.   Always use a good stain proof mattress pad on your mattress, because for public health reasons any soiling or staining of the mattress voids the manufacturer’s warranty.           

General Warranty Information

     All items not specifically listed above are warranted against manufacturing or material defects for 1 month from date of delivery.   All warranties do not apply to damage resulting from normal wear, neglect, abuse, accident or alteration, and apply only to normal residential use by the original purchaser.   These warranties are secondary to manufacturer’s warranties and are in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.   Blackledge Furniture neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any other obligation or liability.   Warranty terms on items sold on a Guaranteed Low Price match basis are limited to the warranty terms of the other seller.

Transportation Charges and First Month In-Home Service: Blackledge Furniture also provides free in home service, or pickup and re-delivery when required within our local delivery areas, for covered manufacturer or store warranty services during the first month from the date of delivery.   After 1 month, our normal in-home service and transportation charges apply, but can be avoided by bringing in the item for inspection or service.   Please read manufacturer’s warranties for the specific terms and conditions of their warranty.   When the terms of a manufacturer’s warranty require the customer to pay for transportation charges to the manufacturer’s factory, Blackledge Furniture may be able to provide alternate repair service at a mor reasonable charge.   Blackledge Furniture’s warranties do not include transportation, except within our normal delivery area, during the first month  in-home warranty period.



Local in-home service or inspection                                     $69     PLUS SERVICE TIME AND PARTS

Local pickup & re-delivery transportation charge            $119   PLUS SERVICE TIME AND PARTS

Repair service labor for non-warranty service work                                                                     $40/hour

For the current cost of parts and repair services, please see our current Furniture Services Price List on our website at or call us at 541-753-4851 and ask for our Service manager.