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The Sleep Better -  Mattress Evaluator

1. Are you getting less than 7 hours of sound, restful, sleep every night?

2. Do you have trouble sleeping some nights because you feel too warm?

3. Does your partner’s tossing and turning wake you up during the night?

4. Do you sleep on your side, and wake up with sore shoulders and hips,
 or numbness because of pressure points?

5. Does your spine sag or twist in your normal sleeping position causing morning backaches?

6. Is your mattress more than 8 years old, and starting to loose support?

7. Do you sleep on your back on a flat mattress and have pain in your knees or lower back, or have
congestion or circulation problems, that an adjustable base could correct?

8. Do you wake up with neck aches because your pillow thickness and
construction doesn’t hold your neck straight?

9. Are you experiencing a "roll toward the middle" or "roll toward the edge" feeling?

If you answered “yes” to two or more questions, you can get better sleep with today’s new mattress technologies.    Come in and take a “test rest” on some of the new models with visco-elastic foams and cooling technologies and compare their comfort to your current mattress and foundation.