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New mattress smell


New bedding products often have a slight "new mattress" odor from the materials used to manufacture them.   Most of the mattresses manufactured today contain significant amounts of polyurethane foam , latex foam, or visco-elastic foam as their primary cushioning material.   During the first few weeks of use, these foam materials normally have an odor from the urethane polymer material and the "blowing" gases which create the cell structure in the foam.   Some mattresses also have an initial odor resulting from the synthetic fibers in the mattress covering material and the flame retardant chemicals used to meet the Federal Mattress Flammability requirements.   Unfortunately, these odors remain trapped in the mattress until delivery, because the mattress is heat sealed in an air tight plastic bag immediately after production.


Although the slight "musty" odor may bother some individuals, particularly on mattresses delivered during the warmer months of the year, it will go away after a few weeks of use.    The initial smell is normally reduced by use of a fiber mattress pad which should be used on all mattresses.  If you still find the new smell objectionable, you can speed up the dissipation process by leaving the mattress uncovered, or covered only with sheets, during the day for the first couple of weeks.   Physically laying on all areas of the mattress also pumps fresh air through the foam layers and removes the residual gasses trapped in the cell structure.   If you are unusually sensitive to new material odors, we may also be able to exchange your mattress with a floor sample unit which has been un-bagged long enough for the odor to have gone away.