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What’s New For Your Home This Spring?

Here are some of the new design trends we saw at the recent Winter Home Furnishings Market that you will be seeing in our inventory this spring and many of these looks are already in stock.  So while we are waiting for the weather to get better, come in and look at how you can brighten up your home and take advantage of February Home Sale special financing and cash discounts.

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Color inspirations:

   Much of the new color inspiration for 2017 is drawn from nature, helping to make your home feel comfortable & natural.     We want our homes to connect to the outdoors, so it’s natural that the green colors are strong.    From lime greens to emerald, greens are becoming more common in fabrics,  wall colors and area rugs.    In fact the “color of the year” is a bright green called “Greenery” that is refreshing & revitalizing in our increasingly complex world.

    Navy also remains a popular color as it has for the past few years and is moving into being the “new black”.  Different tones of gray are also appearing, moving to deeper tones that add a more sophisticated look.

Rustic looks are still going strong:

    It was thought there would be more movement away from rustic to more modern minimalist designs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case yet. The rustic look is still here and going strong after many years with natural materials only growing stronger. So look for rustic wood finishes to be all the rage in 2017.  The country cottage feel is also increasing in popularity. The vintage explorer look (think globes & exposed light bulbs) goes well with rustic furniture looks too.

It's all about texture:

   2017 will be all about texture – all about mixing fabrics & materials. Texture & faux natural materials are certainly in, and being combine in endless ways.   Texture makes an interior more inviting & we’re seeing faux textures added for a luxurious inviting look that makes homes  warm and comfortable.

Mixed together in endless variations are deep sofas, oversized pieces, chunky rugs & ottomans but always presented with more of an artistic flavor vs DIY.

A few other trends of note:

  Tropical prints – like you’ve been seeing in fashion – make great throw pillows on a plain sofa. Geometrics abound with simple lines & triangles.  The indoor-outdoor trend continues with more vendors offering all weather outdoor furniture with better style, function, and comfort.   Watch  for our new outdoor furnishings specials in April.

Our Suggestion…

Add a few of these new elements into your home to freshen things up.     But do remember that there is only one trend or style that really matters – and that’s your own, and our design trained staff can help you express it the way you want to.    Don’t obsess about style trends, but come in and take a look at all the new styles.   Let us help you fill your home with things that bring you pleasure for years to come.